About me

Labels…I don’t like them, but some find them useful, so here are a few…

Connector. Creative. Rapport builder. Pattern spotter. Coach. Friend.

My passion is people. I’m naturally curious and am great at spotting patterns. I love to understand what makes people tick and help them to find ways to develop and make the best possible life choices for themselves.

Here’s some recent feedback:

“Anj has the unique ability to engage with people from all walks of life and build rapport quickly and easily. She is someone who wholeheartedly and deservedly believes in herself and she makes others believe in themselves too. No matter now dire the situation, Anj can always turn it into a positive and achieve tangible results, which undoubtedly benefit others far more than herself.”

My life purpose is about helping girls and women. I place my energy into advancing the empowerment, education and health of girls and women, and working to end to gender-based violence.  Gender inequality in most countries, not only the UK, has not only stalled, it has reversed.  This must end.

I plan to create a movement of women that similarly want to make change and will do this under ‘Inspiring Women Changemakers.’ The highest profile campaign that I have led was for my friend Afusat Saliu, who, along with her two little daughters, was refused asylum in the UK and deported to Lagos, despite the support of 128,000 wonderful souls that supported my Change.org campaign. I received a lovely testimonial from a male Director at BT about this:

“I have known Anj for a number of years in a business context. She is an excellent example of a woman in business who acts as, and is treated as, an equal, without losing the feminine touch. She has loads of credibility with other business people with whom I work and I’m delighted she has picked up the campaign on FGM. She is a great role model to others.” 

I aim to lead by example and spend most of my spare time learning about the mind-body connection, painting/drawing and volunteering. Alternatively, you can find me up a peak or upside down at yoga. I also enjoy charity challenges and some of my escapades include a tandem skydive at 15,000 ft, climbing Ben Nevis, completing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge and abseiled down the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

I’m sure that’s enough about me for now, but if you want to learn about my journey, you can watch this feature-length interview by Still Journeying 😀

And if that really wasn’t enough, check out People Help People – I’m a co-Director, working with three other amazing women.

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